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Hensler Furniture

Our Customer's Challenge

We had a customer with a large number of pieces to be restored after being damaged by a house fire. One of the items in need of total restoration and an upgrade in the way it would be displayed was a carousel jumper horse. While not burned, the horse had suffered damage due to heat and smoke. Also, it was missing a number of the jewels that needed to be replaced.

The Solution

While carousel horses are normally painted, this one had been previously restored naturally and was to be restored to look the same. Along with the restoration and finishing of the horse naturally, we acquired and installed new replacement jewels on all of the trappings. The owner also wanted the carousel horse to be displayed on an appropriately styled stand and brass pole. A new cast iron base was acquired and finished along with a new rope twisted brass pole and support, all of which was to be installed to complete the horse as the owner requested.

The Results

When the project was completed with its natural color finish, new jewels, and new brass pole and stand, the horse had turned out great! A jumper horse of this size would have been located on the inner rows of the carousel and moved up and down as the carousel rotated. The jewels were sometimes added at the factory, but more often the owner of the carousel added them to dress up the horse more. The placement of the jewels on this horse gave it a tasteful yet extra dazzle to its overall appearance. The customer was delighted with the finished horse and how well it looked on its new display stand. She was thrilled to be able to display it again in her home.