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Hensler Furniture
Hensler Furniture

CabinetNothing can ruin the excitement of a new home like furniture being damaged during the move. Hensler’s staff has the technology and experience to restore and repair damaged furniture and items back to their original condition and get them back in your home promptly.  Furniture that’s had damage to the finish can be refinished or touched up to restore the piece back to the way it should be.  Items that have suffered breakage can be repaired and rebuilt if required to make them usable pieces again in your home.  The staff at Hensler’s has many decades of experience handling the trauma of items damaged in a move and returning back to you your treasured furniture or item to be a usable part of your home again. Our moving damage services include:

  • Furniture Refinishing
  • Furniture Rebuild/Repair/Reglue
  • Furniture New Parts and Pieces Made
  • Custom Built Furniture
  • Custom Made Parts
  • Piano Refinishing
  • Piano Key Recovering
  • Wood Carving Services
  • Veneer Services – New and Reglue
  • Laminate Replacement
  • Spindle Replacement
  • New Flat and Beveled Mirrors
  • Mirror Resilvering
  • New Flat, Beveled and Curved Glass
  • New Glass Tops
  • New and Polished Marble Tops
  • Table Pads
  • New Hardware
  • Leather Top Replacement
  • Chair Seat and Back Caning
  • Wicker Repair
  • Executive Office Furniture Touch Up
  • Onsite Finish Touch Up
  • Upholstery Services
  • Pick Up and Delivery