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Hensler Furniture
Hensler Furniture

Our Customer's Challenge

A local customer restores and collects collectable cars. He contacted us to perform fabrication and restoration work on his 1929 Duesenberg limousine. While we had worked for on interior woodwork of other automobiles previously, this was a much more unique and challenging project.

The Solution

Our work involved fabricating new solid mahogany running boards from scratch, as well as cutting in the step grooves and finishing the running boards. Other work on the Duesenberg included building a new solid walnut bar unit to go in the back seat area and complete refinishing of all interior walnut wood trim and fixture pieces.

The Results

Obviously, a beautiful 1929 Duesenberg limousine is a fantastic item to show in a collection. The wood fabrication and restoration that the Hensler team did turned out great and looked perfect on the Duesenberg. Over the years this car has won numerous awards and been displayed at Greenfield Village, Meadow Brook Concours d' Elegance car shows, at the Auburn, Cord, and Duesenberg Festival and Museum.