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Our Customer's Challenge

The customer had a Wurlitzer Model 800 jukebox that had been severely damaged by water, as well as having parts missing. The jukebox needed total restoration of the case and fabrication of all the severely damaged and missing parts.

The Solution

The Hensler team had to perform a significant amount of rebuild and repair work to restore any of the original pieces of the jukebox that could be used again. Because of the extent of the damage, a large number of pieces needed to be custom built to replace missing or destroyed pieces. Both sides of the case were newly built and fabricated to fit the lighted panels and trim. The bottom right front curved piece was totally destroyed by water, so we built a custom jig to fabricate the piece. Along with the rebuilding of the left front curved piece, both were covered with new veneer to match the case. After extensive rebuild work the case was refinished to restore it to the rich finish it originally had.

The Results

The customer was absolutely thrilled to have the Wurlitzer Model 800 restored back to like-new condition. He was excited to be able to install the mechanics, light panels, trim pieces, and fixtures to bring the classic jukebox back to life.