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Hensler Furniture
Hensler Furniture

Table ServicespageWe understand the importance of restoring items damaged in a disaster to the family that has suffered it. Whether it is fire or water restoration or repairs needed because of some other calamity, we know having their property restored properly is a step in returning to a normal life. Hensler’s staff has the technology and experience to complete the work in a timely and cost effective process. The craftsmanship we have demonstrated on these projects has earned a top ranking with many insurance restoration and moving associations.

Our meticulous craftsmen are experts at erasing the ravages of water, smoke, fire, time or misuse. You’ll be amazed how badly damaged pieces can be returned to their original condition.  Items are refinished and repaired to remove all damages caused by the event.  Missing or damaged woodwork is skillfully replicated and finished to match. Damaged hardware is restored or replaced.  Our goal is to help you return your client’s life to its normal, pre-loss state as quickly and with as little disruption as possible. Our insurance restoration and moving damage services include:

  • Furniture Refinishing
  • Furniture Rebuild/Repair/Reglue
  • Furniture New Parts and Pieces
  • Custom Built Furniture
  • Custom Made Parts
  • Piano Refinishing
  • Piano Key Recovering
  • Wood Carving Services
  • Veneer Services – New and Reglue
  • Laminate Replacement
  • Spindle Replacement
  • New Flat and Beveled Mirrors
  • Mirror Resilvering
  • New Flat, Beveled and Curved Glass
  • New Glass Tops
  • New and Repolish Marble Tops
  • Table Pads
  • New Hardware
  • Leather Top Replacement
  • Chair Seat and Back Caning
  • Wicker Repair
  • Onsite Finish Touch Up
  • Upholstery Services
  • Pick Up and Delivery